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Lagos–Kano Standard Gauge Railway

Kano, Nigeria
The Lagos–Kano Standard Gauge Railway is an under construction standard gauge railway across Nigeria, from the Atlantic Ocean port of Lagos to Kano, near the Niger border. The railway will run parallel to the British-built Cape gauge line, which has a lower design capacity and is in a deteriorated condition. The railway is being built in segments. Only the segment between Abuja and Kaduna has been completed so far, and services began officially in July 2016. The segment between Lagos and Ibadan is under construction.

Eko Atlantic City Project

Eko Atlantic City View Point, Bishop Oluwole St, Lagos, Nigeria
Eko Atlantic is an entire new coastal city being built on Victoria Island adjacent to Lagos, Nigeria. It is a focal point for investors capitalising on rich development growth based on massive demand – and a gateway to emerging markets of the continent.

Abuja-Kaduna-Zaria-Kano Road Project

Zaria Road, Nigeria
One of Nigeria’s most important highways runs from North to South. The Abuja-Kaduna-Zaria-Kano Road forms a critical part of the this larger highway system, enabling the movement of people and products from the North to the South and vice versa - thereby uniting the Nigerian people and economy, and connecting Nigeria to North Africa via the Lagos-Algiers Trans-African Highway.

Bodo-Bonny Road & Bridge

Bonny Island, Nigeria
As the first road link between Bonny Island to the rest of Rivers State, the Bodo-Bonny road is a milestone infrastructure development project for the advancement of the Niger Delta and a catalyst for the continued success of Bonny Island - a key industrial area in Nigeria tied to the economic development and general wellbeing of the Nation as a whole.

Ogoni Remediation Project

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Second Niger Bridge Project

Onitsha, Nigeria
The existing bridge over the Niger River dates back to 1965. It serves as a major road connection, bridging the cities of Asaba on the west bank and Onitsha on the east bank and is part of the Trans-African Highway between Lagos and Mombasa in Kenya, in addition to being the main east-west connection within Nigeria.