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Closing date 12 Jan 2021
Synopsis of the RFP
RFP No. NG12-RFP-2021-01
Issue Date: January 04, 2021
Title: Public Opinion Poll for Strengthening Media Support for Community Accountability Measures project in Nigeria
Issuing Office & Email/Physical Address for Submission of Proposals:
1001 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 909
Washington, DC 20036
Deadline for Receipt of Questions: 1/7/2021 5:30pm EST (GM-05:00)
Deadline for Receipt of Proposals: January 12, 2021, 5:30 PM – Eastern Standard Time (GMT -05:00)
Point of Contact: Sayed Maroof Hamedi
Anticipated Award Type: Firm Fixed Price Purchase Order

Basis for Award: An award will be made based on the Trade Off Method. The award will be issued to the responsible and reasonable offeror who provides the best value to EAI and its client using a combination of technical and cost/price factors.

1. Introduction and Purpose
1.1 Purpose
EAI, the implementer of the Strengthening Media Support for Community Accountability Measures project in Nigeria, invites qualified offerors to submit proposals to supply and deliver Public Opinion Poll in support of program implementation.

The requirements for this activity are described in the “Statement of Work” in Attachment A. EAI encourages your organization to indicate its interest in this procurement by submitting a proposal according to the instructions in this RFP. EAI will make an award to the responsible Offeror submitting an offer which provides best value to the project: technical merit and price will be both considered.

Issuing Office
The Issuing Office and Contact Person noted in the above synopsis is the sole point of contact at EAI for purposes of this RFP. Any prospective offeror who fails to register their interest with this office assumes complete responsibility in the event that they do not receive direct communications (amendments, answers to questions, etc.) prior to the closing date.

1.2 Type of Award Anticipated
EAI anticipates awarding a Firm Fixed Price Purchase Order. This contract type might be subject to change during the course of negotiations.

2. General Instructions to Offerors
2.1 General Instructions
“Offeror”, “Subcontractor”, and/or “Bidder” means a firm proposing the work under this RFP. “Offer” and/or “Proposal” means the package of documents the firm submits to propose the work.

Offerors wishing to respond to this RFP must submit proposals, in English, in accordance with the following instructions. Offerors are required to review all instructions and specifications contained in this RFP. Failure to do so will be at the Offeror’s risk. If the solicitation is amended, then all terms and conditions not modified in the amendment shall remain unchanged.

Issuance of this RFP in no way obligates EAI to award a subcontract or purchase order. Offerors will not be reimbursed for any costs associated with the preparation or submission of their proposal. EAI shall in no case be responsible for liable for these costs.

Proposals are due no later than January 12,2021 , 5:00 PM EST, to be submitted by email to , the RFP number must be stated in the subject line of the email. The cost and technical proposals Must be submitted in separate emails. Late offers will be rejected except under extraordinary circumstances at EAI’s discretion.

The submission to EAI of a proposal in response to this RFP will constitute an offer and indicates the Offeror’s agreement to the terms and conditions in this RFP and any attachments hereto. EAI reserves the right not to evaluate a non-responsive or incomplete proposal.

2.2 Proposal Cover Letter
A cover letter shall be included with the proposal on the Offeror’s company letterhead with a duly authorized signature and company stamp using Attachment B as a template for the format. The cover letter MUST contain the information requested in Attachment B.

2.3 Questions regarding the RFP
Each Offeror is responsible for reading and complying with the terms and conditions of this RFP. Requests for clarification or additional information must be submitted in writing via email as specified in the Synopsis above. No questions will be answered by phone. Any verbal information received from a EAI or project employee or other entity shall not be considered as an official response to any question regarding this RFP.

Copies of questions and responses will be distributed in writing to all prospective bidders who are on record as having received this RFP after the submission date specified in the Synopsis above.

3. Instructions for the Preparation of Technical Proposals
The Technical Proposal and Cost/Business Proposal must be kept separate from each other. Technical Proposals must not make reference to cost or pricing information at any point. This will enable in order the technical evaluation to be made strictly on the basis of technical merit.

Technical proposals shall include the following contents:

1. Technical Approach and Evidence of Local Knowledge – Description of the proposed services which meets or exceeds the stated technical specifications or scope of work. The proposal must show how the Offeror plans to complete the work and describe an approach that demonstrates the achievement of timely and acceptable performance of the work.

2. Methodology: considering the Statement of Work, please describe in details the following:

a) The steps, in chronological order, that you will take to implement the work. Make sure to describe any innovative approaches or technology you plan to use.

b) A description of similar projects you implemented in the past and lessons you learned that will be incorporated into the activity described in this RFP.

3. Past Performance: Provide a list of at least three (3) recent awards of similar scope and duration. The information shall be supplied as a table, and shall include the legal name and address of the organization for which services were performed, a description of work performed, the duration of the work and the value of the contract, description of any problems encountered and how it was resolved, and a current contact phone number of a responsible and knowledgeable representative of the organization. See Attachment C.

4. Staffing: Please provide the following, in order:

a) A staffing plan for this activity that includes the following information for each proposed staff member:

-Name and Proposed position on the team:

-Summary of relevant expertise and experience

b) CVs for each proposed staff member. CVs should be no longer than one page in length.

Staffing plans that propose staff with qualifications and experience related to the tasks stated in this RFP will be evaluated more favorably than staffing plans that do not take these factors into consideration.

3.1 Services Specified
For this RFP, EAI is in need of the services described in Attachment A.

3.2 Technical Evaluation Criteria
The award will be made to the offeror whose offer presents the Best Value: the optimal combination of technical merits and reasonable cost. Proposals will be scored on technical factors first. Only the Cost/Business proposals of those offers that surpass the minimum qualifying score of 70 points in the technical evaluation will have their Cost/Business Proposal reviewed. Those that do not reach this qualifying score in the Technical Evaluation will be considered non-competitive and their Cost/Business proposals will not be considered.

Provide a clear, specific and succinct technical proposal that covers both the conceptual and practical approaches of how to achieve the objectives of this project. Specifically, please address the following, in the order specified below:


Points Available

1. Technical Approach and Evidence of Local Knowledge

25 Points

2. Methodology

25 Points

3. Past Performance

25 Points

4. Staffing

25 Points

100 Points

4. Instructions for the Preparation of Cost/Price Proposals
4.1 Cost/Price Proposals
The Cost/Business Proposal must be submitted separately from the technical proposal and will primarily indicate the cost for performing the work specified in this RFP. At a minimum, the Cost/Business proposal should include the following information:

a) A detailed budget that provides a break-down of costs by line item. Note that any indirect/overhead costs should be listed as a separate line item in the budget and should not be built into the direct costs. Use the budget template presented in Attachment D. The budget could have two tabs – one for detail and one for summary.

b) Bidders should not use any “loaded rates” for labor. Budgets should include base labor rates only. Forms with loaded rates (i.e. inclusive of staff bonuses or any other type of financial benefit) will be rejected. However, the actual fringe could be included.

c) Detailed cost notes that provides information on each of the line items in the budget and explains why these items are needed for implementation of the activity.

d) If indirect rates are charged, Offerors must provide supporting computations for the allocation for indirect/overhead costs, a copy of an audit report and balance sheet, and a profit and loss (P&L)/income & expenditure / revenue & expenditure statement OR a copy of the current Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement (NICRA).

e) No profit/administrative fee will be allowed or reimbursed as part of the cost proposal

5. Basis of Award
5.1 Best Value Determination
EAI will review proposals and make an award based on the technical and cost evaluation criteria stated above. The offeror whose proposal provides the best value to EAI will be selected.

Evaluation points will not be awarded for cost. Cost will primarily be evaluated for realism and reasonableness. EAI may award to a higher priced offeror if a determination is made that the higher technical evaluation of that offeror merits the additional cost/price.

EAI may award to an Offeror without discussions. Therefore, the initial offer must contain the Offeror’s best price and technical terms.

Attachment A: Scope of Work for Services or Technical Specifications
Public Opinion Polling for Strengthening Media Support for Community Accountability Measures project in Nigeria

Background: Equal Access International (EAI) – a non-governmental organization (NGO) with U.S. regional offices in Washington, D.C.– partners with communities around the world to co-create sustainable solutions utilizing community engagement and participatory media and technology. With funding from bi-laterals, multi-laterals, foundations, and individual donors, EAI has a 17-year track record implementing social change projects and currently operates in Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Mali, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan and the Philippines.

Implemented by Equal Access international (EAI), the Strengthening Media Support for Community Accountability Measures in Nigeria (SMS4CAM) project supports the MacArthur Foundation’s mission of supporting accountability, transparency, and good governance in Nigeria, at scale. SMS4CAM leverages the success of EAI’s and partners’ unique broadcast and new media platforms to raise awareness of corruption, encourage those who engage to change the environment, and hold government officials to account, without naming and shaming them.

EAI is achieving this through multi-platform dissemination of high-quality media products, each playing a role in creating an environment of dialogue and discussion around corruption and good governance issues. Programs feature positive role models for communities and government officials to emulate and convene government officials alongside issue area experts and their constituents to address issues of concern. EAI produces quality, engaging, and credible media content using its flagship methodology: creating a “Generative Communication Ecology” of deep stakeholder engagement, which utilizes local languages and the voices of community members themselves to effect positive social change.

Through SMS4CAM, EAI partners with AREWA24 to produce and air two television series, “Kwana Casa’in/90 days” and “Dadin Kowa” on the AREWA24 television channel. “Dadin Kowa” focuses on a range of social issues, including drug abuse, domestic violence, girl child education, child labor, violent extremism, and human trafficking; AREAWA24 and EAI were able to weave strong anti-corruption themes into the script and enable this messaging to be delivered organically through character and storyline development. Similarly, “90 days” addresses accountability issues through a storyline that focuses on corruption in the power and education sectors in Northern Nigeria.

Purpose: EAI is interested in conducting polling in Hausa-speaking areas of Northern Nigeria to determine the impact and efficacy of SMS4CAM TV programming’s normative change approach to anti-corruption on citizens attitudes and behaviors in Northern Nigeria.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Offeror must design an online opt-in polling methodology and collect data from assigned Hausa-speaking areas of Northern Nigeria.

Key research question: Does (and if so, how does) the TV programming influence citizens’ awareness, attitudes, and behaviors on topics and norms related to corruption in Nigeria?

Survey specifications:

· Respondents from Hausa regions in Nigeria

Segmented into 2 groups: people who watch SMS4CAM TV programming and people who do not
It is estimated that approximately 50% of Hausa respondents watch the TV programming
· Regions identified through self-reporting question at the outset of the survey

· Respondents aged 15+

· Language: Hausa

· Questions will be closed-ended and can be text-based or include images

· Survey demographics include age, gender, and location (these questions do not count for the total number of questions)

· Approximately 1-2 weeks in duration

· At least 2,200 total Hausa-speaking respondents, including at least 1,100 viewers of SMS4CAM TV programming

· 12-15 questions

To capture only Hausa respondents, the Offeror must filter out non-Hausa respondents based on respondents’ self-reported location or other self-reported questions.


The end deliverable will include a final survey completed and data collected from Hausa-speaking areas of Northern Nigeria and a detailed Report of the findings and analysis. The report must be in English.

Attachment B: Proposal Cover Letter
[On Firm’s Letterhead]

TO: EAI Procurement Team

We, the undersigned, provide the attached proposal in accordance with RFP-Click here to enter text.-Click here to enter text. issued on Click here to enter text.. Our attached proposal is for the total price of .

I certify a validity period of Click here to enter text. days for the prices provided in the attached Price Schedule/Bill of Quantities. Our proposal shall be binding upon us subject to the modifications resulting from any discussions.

Offeror shall verify here the items specified in this RFP document.

We understand that EAI is not bound to accept any proposal it receives.

Yours sincerely,

Authorized Signature:

Name and Title of Signatory: Click here to enter text.

Name of Firm: Click here to enter text.

Address: Click here to enter text.

Telephone: Click here to enter text.

Email: Click here to enter text.

Company Seal/Stamp:

Attachment C: Past Performance Form
Include projects that best illustrate your work experience relevant to this RFP, sorted by decreasing order of completion date.

Projects should have been undertaken in the past three years. Projects undertaken in the past six years may be taken into consideration at the discretion of the evaluation committee.


Project Title

Description of Activities




Name/Tel No

Cost in US$



Completed on schedule


Completion Letter Received?


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