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Understanding the Procurement Processes

At Hometown Development Initiative (HDI), we consider procurement as an ‘industry’. Procurement is not just big business. It is the real business that affects all of our lives!


Prepare for the Opportunities

Preparations must meet opportunities!

In a nutshell, public procurement entails outsourcing competent service providers to deliver on existing or potential needs. It usually begins with a user department (MDA) having a specific need, let’s say a construction or maintenance need, and ends with the procurement unit identifying the most competent service provider to provide those needs.

Preparing yourself for those opportunities is what makes you an outstanding service provider. We exist to guide and help you with such preparations. Though the processes and level of transparency might vary between private and public players, the model and processes are usually the same.


Documentation Requirements

A company is as good as its documents!

Documentation is the heart of procurement. Every invitation to tender is a call for your company documents. Documentation is the first and only way your present your organization to any potential client. This is why we provide professional documentation support to new and existing service providers. From the design of company profile to the preparation of policy plan and acquisition of statutory and regulatory certifications. We do not just prepare standard documentations and leave you to compete in the open, we see you through the various stages of pre-qualification, qualification, bidding and other stages of the procurement phases. Our vision is to see you win that bid with our professional support services.

Find Public Opportunities

There are hundreds of public opportunities!

There are tens and hundreds of public opportunities published weekly from various Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Companies and Non-Governmental Organizations.  These opportunities are published here as they are advertised to give you the opportunity to participate.