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Important Note: Organizations are instructed NOT to submit superfluous materials such as photos, news articles or other attachments that are not requested in this EOI. Any additional materials will not be reviewed.

ICAP at Columbia University, New York is a global health leader since 2003, ICAP was founded at Columbia University with one overarching goal: to improve the health of families and communities.

Together with our partners – ministries of health, large multilateral, health care providers, and patients – we strive for a world where health is available to all. To date, we have addressed major public health challenges and the needs of local health systems through 6,000 sites across 30 countries

ICAP is currently implementing the TMEC/RISE, TRACE and CQUIN projects funded by USAID, CDC and Bill and Melinda Gates in Nigeria and we are in the process of creating database of prequalified vendors and service providers under different lots for the new fiscal year.

This advert seeks to invite interested vendors/suppliers and service providers (including our current and previous suppliers) to submit a written response (“Response”) for the provision of the under listed services to ICAP Nigeria. The solicitation provides prospective vendors with the relevant operational and performance requirements. If your organization is interested, please respond to the eligibility requirements for consideration

Please note that this is not a Request for quotation (RFQ) nor a commitment from ICAP Nigeria to fund any organization that responds by sending an expression of interest. ICAP Nigeria will release a detailed Request for Quotation (RFQ) to only pre-qualified vendors.

EOI-ICAP-CHS-01-21 Provision of Car Hire Services The organization must be able to provide car hire service to ICAP in at least one of the states in Nigeria, with reference to the Abuja, Lagos, Benue, Rivers, Gombe, Kaduna, Niger, Cross Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Adamawa, Anambra and Taraba states and should have a physical office in Abuja.
EOI-ICAP-SS-02-21 Provision of Security Services The organization would advise and report on the security situation in the country including threats and trends that need to be monitored. They will also be tasked to maintain a vigilant approach to ensure the safety and security of staff and project property always; by providing support to all staff in the areas of security management, security awareness, contingency planning and security emergencies
EOI-ICAP-TAS-03-21 Provision of Travel Agent Services The organization would provide booking of local and international travel ticked to ICAP staff, and be a reputable organization duly registered with Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and an IATA Member. The organization should be able to issue tickets on all Nigerian Airlines with no restrictions
EOI-ICAP-PS-04-21 Provision of Printing Services Bidders should be able to provide high quality full black & white and colour printing of books, brochure, booklets, leaflets, folders, letters heads, illustrations, posters, banners, envelopes, souvenirs etc.
EOI-ICAP-HS-05-21 Provision of Hotel Services Bidders must be hotels with proof of adequate security measures within and around its’ vicinity with good capability and financial strength to supply ICAP with hotel accommodation and conference/meeting facilities. Expressions are welcomed from hotels in all states of Nigeria with reference to the Abuja, Lagos, Niger, Plateau, Cross Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Kaduna, Katsina, Rivers Adamawa, Gombe, Anambra and Taraba States.
EOI-ICAP-CS-06-21 Provision of Catering Services Service providers that can demonstrate sufficient capacity and experience to provide caterings services for meetings and trainings. Expressions are welcomed from organizations from all states of Nigeria with reference to Abuja.
EOI-ICAP-IS-07-21 Provision of Internet Services Installation and maintenance of internet Connectivity and relevant services with fiber optic internet option and with a physical presence/office in Abuja
EOI-ICAP-SOS-08-21 Provision of Stationery and Office Supplies Supply of stationeries and office consumables (Tea items and cleaning items) to ICAP office in Abuja.
EOI-ICAP-SOS-08B-21 Provision of Furniture and office equipment Supply of standard office furniture and equipment to ICAP office in Abuja.
EOI-ICAP-OM-09-21 Provision of Office maintenance Bidders should have the technical expertise and be available to provide facility maintenance services such as plumbing, carpentry, electric work, repair, and maintenance, within 24 hours after receipt of original purchase order.
EOI-ICAP-OICTE-10-21 Provision of Office I.C.T. Equipment. Bidders should have the ability to provide ICAP with Computer hardware and related accessories – laptops, TFT screens, docking stations, servers etc., and ICT accessories – data carriers, virtual conference equipment, beamers, network, switches, keyboards, webcams, cables, routers, splitters, laptop locks, carrying cases etc.
EOI-ICAP-IBS-11-21 Provision of Insurance Broker Services ICAP is looking for reputable organizations duly registered with the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB) and licensed by the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM). Such services and required coverage include but is not limited to, property insurance for buildings, contents, and mobile equipment, Group life and Vehicle Insurance
EOI-ICAP-HMO-12-21 Provision of HMO Services Expressions are welcomed from HMOs with contacts in all states of Nigeria with reference to the Abuja, Lagos, Niger, Plateau, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Kaduna, Katsina, Rivers Adamawa, Gombe and Taraba States but should have physical office/presence in Abuja to be considered for the provision of the following services below:–          Management of the provision of healthcare services and associated payments for ICAP staff for 24 hours and seven (7) days of the week–          Management of prompt emergency services and accident situation–          High quality referral systems among health service providers across Nigeria–          Provision of medical reports and statistics on usage and coverage–          Advisory on healthcare services such as, wellness programs, epidemics etc.–          Prompt customer service response.
EOI-ICAP-JAN-13-21 Provision of Janitorial services Bidders would be required to perform ground maintenance, gardening, pest control, garbage collection and disposal and housekeeping services.
EOI-ICAP-DIE-14-21 Provision of Diesel Supply Supply of Diesel to ICAP office in Abuja.
EOI-ICAP-CSCS-15-21 Provision of Courier Services and Cold-chain Supplies Render courier services and cold chain supply with contacts in all states of Nigeria with reference to the Federal Capital Territory, Lagos, Niger, Plateau, Cross Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Kaduna, Kastina, Rivers, Adamawa, Gombe and Taraba States and a physical office/presence in Abuja.

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