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1.1. Kano Electricity Distribution Company (KEDCO) has received a loan facility from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) through the NESI-SSL for execution of Capital Projects for Electricity Distribution in its licensed area of Kano, Katsina and Jigawa states to enhance the network capacity, reliability and efficiency.

1.2. KEDCO invites bids from eligible bidders on Single Stage Two Envelope (i.e., Envelope-I : Technical Bid and Envelope-II: Price Bid) basis for the projects (LOTS) listed here.

1.3. Interested bidders may download tender document of respective lots obtained from KEDCO official website the bid Documents may also be obtained from KEDCO Head Office at No. 1. Niger Street (Post Office Road), Kano, 700231, on payment of the requisite tender document fee (Naira 100,000.00). For submission against bid documents download from the website, the bidder should include proof or payment of tender documentation fees of Naira One Hundred Thousand Only (Naira 100,000) in the form of electronic transfer or bank teller receipt paid into the account of Kano Electricity Distribution Plc – Account Number 4010876056, Fidelity Bank, Kano, Bello Road (Sort Code -070-120651)


Lot Reference NumberNERC CodeBrief Description
LOT-OT-1, Tender Reference no, PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/001/2021KN21DNC33002, KN21DNR33009 KN21DNR33010 KN21DNR33012, KN21DNC33004 KN21DNR33013Construction and Rehabilitation of various 33kv feeders
LOT-OT-2, Tender Reference no, PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/002/2021KN21DNC33004, KN21DNC11001, KN21DNC11005,  KN21DNC11007Construction and Rehabilitation of 33KV and 11kv  feeders
LOT-OT-3, Tender Reference no, PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/003/2021KN21ESCIS001 KN21ESCIS005, KN21ESCIS002, KN21ESCIS003,  KN21ESCIS004, KN21ESCIS006Supply of breakers, panels, RMUs and other substation equipment
LOT-OT-4, Tender Reference no, PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/004/2021KN21SSCIS001, KN21SSCIS002, KN21SSCIS005, KN21SSCIS003, KN21SSCIS004Supply, Installation and commissioning of distribution transformers of varying capacity across KEDCO network
LOT-OT-5, Tender Reference no, PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/005/2021KN21LRATCOO7, KN21LRATCOO1, KN21LRATCOO2, KN21LRATCOO4, KN21NMNSMOO1, KN21NMNSMOO2, KN21NMNSMOO3, KN21LRATCOO6Supply, Installation and commissioning of HT grid meters, HT and LT MD customer meters, relocation of customer meters, feeders meters, along with specific accessories and working tools
LOT-OT-6, Tender Reference no, PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/006/2021KN21LRATC003Supply, installation and commissioning of 2,020 not. MD meters of various types for MD customers across KEDCO license area
LOT-OT-7, Tender Reference no, PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/007/2021KN21LRATCOO5Supply, installation and commissioning of 1, 323 smart DT meters across various locations in KEDCO license area
LOT-OT-8, Tender Reference no, PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/008/2021KN21ITAMI001, KN21ITAMI007, KN21ITAMI008, KN21ITAMI009Design, supply programming and commissioning of Advanced metering infrastructure system including Automated Meter Reading including software communication systems (including SIM cards, etc), hardware, software, and other associated equipment
LOT-OT-9, Tender Reference no, PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/009/2021KN21CSSIP001, KN21CSSIP002, KN21CSSIP003, KN21CSSIP004, KN21CSSIP005, KN21CSSIP006, KN21CSSIP007, KN21CSSIP008design, supply, installation and commissioning of commercial management system including hardware and communications covering metering billing collections, customer information system, complaint resolution system, etc 
LOT-OT-10, Tender Reference no, PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/010/2021KN21ITSCD001, KN21ITSCD002, KN21ITSCD007, KN21ITSCD008Design, supply, installation, programming and commissioning of SCADA system covering one (1) master control center and 1 nos. 33/11kv substations including substation equipment (RTU, FRTU, RMU, IEDs, etc) with all hardware software and communication facilities
LOT-OT-11, Tender Reference no, PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/011/2021KN21ITERP001, KN21ITERP005, KN21ITERP006, KN21ITERP010, KN21ITERP011, KN21ITERP012Supply, installation and commissioning of ICT equipment including laptop and desktop computers, data center equipment and communication infrastructure (LAN, WAN, MPLS link, etc) radio communication system
LOT-OT-12, Tender Reference no, PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/012/2021KN21ITHSE002, KN21ITHSE003, KN21ITHSE004, KN21ITHSE005, KN21ITHSE006, KN21ITHSE007, KN21OSSIP002, KN2OSSIP004, KN21OSSIP005, KN21OSSIP006, KN21OSSIP007, KN21OSSIP008, KN21OSSIP036, KN21OSSIP035Supply of HSE equipment (helmets, safety boots, goggies, gloves, safety overalls, etc.) testing Equipment (Earthing, Volt/Ammeter, HT line tester, Dielectric Tester, etc) transformer oil and termination kits
LOT-OT-13, Tender Reference no, PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/013/2021KN21OSSIP033, KN21OSSIP041Fencing of distribution Transformers across KEDCO license area and construction of transformer repair workshop
LOT-OT-14, Tender Reference no, PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/014/2021KN21OSSIP038, KN21OSSIP041, KN21OSSIP043Supply of 4×4 semi-trucks, Crane with Capacity of 10 ton, and Crane with Capacity of 8 ton

3.1. The under listed qualification requirements applies to all prospective bidders including joint ventures and consortia:
3.1.1. A bidder can bid for a maximum of four lots in the list of projects above. This applies to JV and consortia as well, where lead and other members participation in any lot will be counted as one bid.
3.1.2. Annual turnover within the past three (3) years should not be less than the value of the LOT for which the bidder is submitting its bid.
3.1.3. Demonstrate financial capacity to execute the project. (Not limited to Bank financial capacity letter, bank statement accounts etc)
3.1.4. Experience in similar projects and completed within the last five years, including completion Certificates from the clients
3.1.5. For JV and Consortia, the land member should be clearly identified. The lead member should be able to qualify for either technical work experience or financial criteria
3.1.6. Details of qualification/eligibility to bid should be provided in the appropriate technical forms provided in the tender documents. (Separate for each lot.
3.1.7. A bidder must accompany its Bid with a bid Security of 5% of the total bid amount in form of a certified bank draft or, an irrevocable bank guarantee from reputable commercial Bank in favor of Kano Electricity Distribution Plc. valid for up to three months from Bid submission date.

4.1. One soft copy on thumb-drive and two (2 nos) hard copies of the documents are to be submitted. The names and mailing addresses of the applicant Companies must be clearly marked on the envelope(s) bearing the submissions. All the information required for pre-qualification must be provided in English Language by all applicants.
4.2. Failure to provide information/supporting documents that is essential for the evaluation of applicant’s qualifications, or to provide timely clarification or substantiation of the information supplied may result disqualification of the applicant
4.3. Completed pre-qualification Applications should be submitted in sealed envelopes clearly marked “BIDFOR” any or combination of the following (please note that maximum number of lots in a single bid – by a company or JV or consortium – should not exceed four.):
LOT-OT-1, Tender Reference no. PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/001/2021
LOT-OT-2, Tender Reference no. PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/002/2021
LOT-OT-3, Tender Reference no. PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/003/2021
LOT-OT-4, Tender Reference no. PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/004/2021
LOT-OT-5, Tender Reference no. PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/005/2021
LOT-OT-6, Tender Reference no. PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/006/2021
LOT-OT-7, Tender Reference no. PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/007/2021
LOT-OT-8, Tender Reference no. PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/008/2021
LOT-OT-9, Tender Reference no. PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/009/2021
LOT-OT-10, Tender Reference no. PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/010/2021
LOT-OT-11, Tender Reference no. PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/011/2021
LOT-OT-12, Tender Reference no. PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/012/2021
LOT-OT-13, Tender Reference no. PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/013/2021
LOT-OT-14, Tender Reference no. PIP/KEDCO/PROC.4/014/2021
4.4. The Tender documents should be delivered by hand or sent by registered mail/ courier to: HOU (Procurement). Kano Electricity Distribution Company, #1, Niger Street, Kano, 700231
4.5. The sealed bids should reach the above address not later than 05:00 pm. On Friday, 13th August 2021.

5.1. Opening of applications will be by 11:00a.m. on 16th August 2021 at the Board Room of the HQ of KEDCO at #1, Niger Street, Kano.

6.1. Bids received after the deadline shall be returned unopened to the respective bidders.
6.2. KEDCO reserves the right to verify any claim by bidders, therefore, bids submitted should include necessary authority to KEDCO for such verification.
6.3. This advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of KEDCO to prequalify any bidder.
6.4. All cost related to the bidding shall be borne by the applicant and KEDCO shall not be responsible for reimbursement of any such cost.
6.5. For further information and/or clarification, please contact any of the following e-mail addresses

E-mail 2:



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