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The Kano State Government has received financing from the Agence Frangaise de Developpement (“AFD”) to support the implementation of the 3rd National Urban Water Sector Reform Project in Kano State with the overarching objectives to improve access and quality of water service in Kano State Water Board’s areas of operation, improve the financial viability of Kano State Water Board (KnSWB), and enhance the governance framework of the water sector in the state.

The project will improve the water supply infrastructure, governance and operation and maintenance capabilities of KnSWB to provide improved water supply service to the Greater Kano area. The project Implementing Agency, KnSWB, on behalf of the Kano State Government, intends to use part of the funds thereof for payments for the following services under the contract for: Institutional Technical Assistance (ITA).
KnSWB now wishes to hire an experienced and qualified Consultant to provide the ITA Services. The objective of the ITA services is to provide technical assistance (TA) to the Kano State Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) and KnSWB to enhance water sector governance in the State through the implementation of provisions of the Kano State Water and Sanitation Sector Reform Law, passed in August 2019.

The scope of work of the ITA Consultant will include but is not limited to the following:
(1.0) Provide assistance to the MWR to establish a Change Management Office (CMO) in the MWR whose mandate shall be to coordinate and drive forward the changes/reforms in the state water sector in accordance with the new water law. This shall include but not be limited to developing a job profile for the Change Manager, and a roadmap and operational guidelines for the CMO to guide the implementation and operationalization of the new law and the overall change management programme, as well as providing support and capacity building for the implementation.
(2.0) Provide assistance to KnSWB to implement a new water tariff based on a tariff study and proposed new tariff structure recently prepared by other Consultants for which the KnSWB is currently seeking approval from the State Government.
(3.0) Develop a Performance-Based Contract between Kano State Government (KSG) and KnSWB for the provision of water supply services in the Greater Kano area, that includes metrics, targets and monitoring systems to enable measuring the performance under the contract in key performance areas, and provide implementation support for the actualization of the performance contract between the parties.
(4.0) Provide assistance for the corporatization of KnSWB in line with the provisions of the new Kano State Water Law, to transition from Kano State Water Board to Kano State Water Corporation (KANSWAC) with a focus only on urban water supply in the Greater Kano area, including working closely with KnSWB and MWR to develop a roadmap for a smooth transition, establishment of a Board of Directors and appointment of Board Members, re-deployment of staff to other new water sector entities in the state, developing a new more efficient organizational structure, and ensuring that Directors, management and staff understand their new roles and responsibilities through training and sensitization programs.
(5.0) Provide assistance for the establishment of Kano State Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (KASSTOWA) and Kano State Water Regulatory Commission (KSWRC), including a roadmap for a smooth transition, establishment of the Board of Directors and appointment of Board Members, development of organizational structures, and ensuring that Directors, management and staff understand their new roles and responsibilities through training and sensitization programs.
(6.0) Assist the MWR to set up the required organizational structure and various departments and committees within the MWR to fulfill their new mandate in accordance with the new water law, that includes a new focus on data collection and information management systems, monitoring and evaluation, sector wide planning and coordination, development of technical standards, policy and legislation, private sector participation and consumer orientation. The ITA Consultant shall provide implementation support, capacity building and training to ensure that personnel of the MWR understand and are capable of executing their new mandate and the associated roles and responsibilities.
(7.0) Provide sector-wide advice, change management, capacity building, training and implementation support services as required within the timeframe of the consulting services to assist with and ensure successful implementation of all necessary reforms in accordance with the new water laws.
(8.0) Develop M&E systems to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the sector reforms.

The ITA Consultant must be a firm with at least ten (10) years of relevant and diversified professional experience in carrying out institutional reform and institutional restructuring of large government organizations. This shall include experience providing similar Institutional Technical Assistance services for major internationally funded sector reform projects in developing countries, preferably in Sub-Saharan Africa and in the water sector or public utility sector. Also, the firm should be familiar with AFD procurement guidelines and those of other major Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), preferably those of the World Bank, and with FIDIC Conditions of Contract.

The firm should have clear knowledge and understanding of best practices and international benchmarking standards in the water or utility industry and should possess internationally accepted quality assurance procedures and certifications, for example ISO or equivalent.

The Institutional Technical Assistance (ITA) assignment will be a time-based contract to a budget ceiling, based on Quality and Cost Based (QCBS) selection in accordance with AFD Procurement Guidelines.
The indicative Implementation period shall be approximately 36 months commencing in Q12021.

A rough estimate of Key Experts’ time-input is: 80 person-months

Kano State Water Board hereby invites Applicants to express their interest in delivering the Services described above.

This Request for Expressions of Interest (REoI) is open to: Firms or Joint Venture of Firms.
Eligibility criteria for AFD financed projects are specified in sub-clause 1.3 of the “Procurement Guidelines for AFD-Financed Contracts in Foreign Countries”, available online on AFD’s website:

The Applicants shall submit only one application, either in its own name or as a member of a Joint Venture (JV). If an Applicant (including any JV member) submits or participates in more than one application, those applications shall be all rejected. However, the same Subconsultant may participate in several applications.
If the Applicant is a JV, the expression of interest shall include:
(i) a copy of the JV Agreement entered into by all members; or
(ii) a letter of intent to execute a JV Agreement, signed by all members.

In the absence of this document, the other members will be considered as Subconsultants.

Experiences and qualifications of Subconsultants are not taken into account in the evaluation of the applications. Interested Applicants must provide information evidencing that they are qualified and experienced to perform the Services. For that purpose, documented evidence of recent and similar services shall be submitted.

Determination of the similarity of the experiences will be based on:
(i) Value and size of contracts;
(ii) The nature of the Services: provision of similar Institutional Technical Assistance services on projects funded by international development agencies (AFD, World Bank, AfDB, etc.)
(iii) The technical area and expertise;
(iv) Experience of working in similar geographical regions;
(v) The location of the project: In similar geographical regions (Sub-Saharan Africa). If in Nigeria, specify the State, or if outside Nigeria specify client’s country and language of communication.

The firm/joint venture shall present 10 maximum completed or ongoing relevant similar assignments performed during the last 10 years only. There shall be at least 3 assignments for which the value of the institutional technical assistance services performed by the firm or a member of the JV, must be equivalent to at least USD $0.75 Million. For each similar assignment presented, the consultant shall provide a letter from the client with the name of the project, date(s) of execution, name(s) of lead and associate firms or JV partners, contract amount and financing sources.

The Client will also take into account for the evaluation of the applications the following items:
(i) Skills and availability of key experts, including in-house technical back-up experts;
(ii) Evidence showing the field of specialty of the firm (“Consultants profile”/brochures);
(iii) Evidence showing that the firm is a legal entity (certificate of registration);
(iv) Quality assurance procedures and certifications of the Applicant: ISO 9001 or equivalent.
The EOI recommended structure is the following:
(i) General introduction about the leading firm and its potential partners;
(ii) Justification of the JV: complementary capacities and key technical fields of the JV;
(iii) Registration and certification details of the firm or each member of the JV;
(iv) Financial capacity of the firm to take-on projects of a similar magnitude;
(v) List of relevant experiences and brief description of similar projects/assignments addressing the requirements described above;
(vi) The EoI must not exceed 100 pages for each Applicant (in character 10).

At this stage, CVs of experts do not need to be provided. In the final RFP to be shared with the shortlisted Applicants, it shall be noted that the involvement of national experts as Key Experts will be one of the criteria of technical evaluation of proposals.

Due to the security risk in the areas where the Services are to be performed, the evaluation of Expressions of Interest will verify that the applications meet the following criteria:

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