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Proposals should be submitted by email to the named contact above before the date and time specified. Proposals submitted after the deadline may be excluded from the evaluation process.

Please note, any contract formed with a supplier will be based on Tearfund’s standard terms and conditions. For more information including an overview of our supplier onboarding and order processes, please visit our Global Suppliers Hub.

To determine the contribution of the ‘Trash to Cash’ project in reducing marine litter pollution through assessing the quantity, sources, types, sizes of plastic entering the Benue River and using the data from the research to compare with the quantity of plastics used up by the project

In 2020, Tearfund secured funding from the Norwegian Development Agency (Norad) for the implementation of a three year project (January 2021 December 2023) through an accompaniment approach of partnership with Yola Renewal Foundation (YRF), a youth-led organization. The project titled ‘From Trash to Cash: Turning Plastic Pollution into Economic Opportunity’ aims to reduce the amount of solid waste entering watercourses in Yola, preventing them getting into the ocean as an important aspect in combating marine litter. At the global level, the project contributes to strengthening fair partnerships between the private sector and informal waste pickers to Increase plastic collection and improve livelihoods. While at the local level in Yola the project seeks to reduce the solid waste dumped into rivers and watercourses in five selected communities living along these watercourses. This will serve in the long-term to break the cycle of the negative impact of plastics on marine and human health and turn it into economic benefits for 3,000 households (benefiting 18,000 individuals) and income for 100 young people in the five selected communities living along these watercourses.

Jambutu, Doubell, Rumde, Angwan Tana and Bwarranji communities of Yola North-Adamawa States.

The result of the research will be evidence-based and it will involve a mixed-method approach and methodology which will be used to gather key data in order to inform the research. The consultant will work with the cluster DME Advisor and other relevant staff to refine the methodology and design the data collection tools, with particular focus on the questions that would be asked at field level. The methodologies are likely to include; desk study review, appropriate statistical and field approaches that aim to quantify meso or macro plastics in rivers (e.g. booms, manta trawls, nets, sampling of shoreline sediments, plastic scan, plastic drawdowns, plastic pollution calculator, plastic life cycle assessment, plastic scorecard, marine plastic footprint, etc), key informant interviews, focus groups, and surveys.

For the desk review/ literature review, there is a need to review the methods and approaches with a view to developing a contextualized methodology.

The research ensures the authenticity of the interviewee’s answers by taking notes.

All interviews will be recorded, transcribed. This will be verbatim-word for word – to allow for verbatim quotes of research participants. The researcher will comply with Tearfund’s research ethics and make sure that data quality assurance is embedded. In the event that a consultant with fluency in the local language is not given the job an experienced translator who is fluent in the local language will be secured. The YRF who are mostly fluent in the local language will ensure that the translation conveys the relevant and right information by respondents during interpretation and the information is not distorted.

D. Deliverables
Non-designed full research report including graphics (30- 50 pages) • Research work plan and inception report completed within the first one week and consist of the assignment as agreed upon by the program team. The consultant may suggest work plan adjustments in order to better reflect and address the beneficiaries’ needs. S/He will coordinate with the Tearfund team who will assist in the field. • Design of research tools, including quantitative and qualitative questions as well as appropriate statistical and field approaches. • First draft of research report covering the data analysis from the baseline/initial findings. • Second draft report covering the data analysis from the midterm findings. • Final research report (incorporating also the first and second report findings): The report should be in English, • between 30-40 pages, and consist of: • Table of contents • Executive summary of key research data, findings and recommendations (no more than 3 pages); • Research findings, analysis, and conclusions with associated data presented, where appropriate in clear infographics including graphs or charts; and linking directly to the research objectives and research questions. • Figures for the relevant data at the beginning, mid and end term points of the project with a clearly stated methodology for how this was derive. • Recommendations for policy around sustainable management of Plastics and future research. • Appendices, which include collected data, detailed description of the methodology with research instruments, list of interviewees, bibliography, and consultant (s) brief biography; • An electronic copy of the report in English. • The consultant will be expected to submit all the data and reports to Tearfund and organize a dissemination event to share learning

E. Duration 9 MONTHS.

F. Payment
• Tearfund’s policy is to pay for the performance of contractual services rendered or to effect payment upon the provided service and achievement of delivery. • First Payment-30% of the contract value shall be paid upon Consultant reporting to the field. • Second payment 50% of the contract value shall be paid upon submission of draft report • Final Payment-20% of the contract value shall be paid upon submission of a satisfactory final report. • Tearfund recourse in case of unsatisfactory performance: Tearfund reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of payment if performance is unsatisfactory, if work is incomplete, or not delivered. • The performance of the contractor will be evaluated against the set of standard indicators such as: whether all goals outlined in the Contract are met, technical and professional competence demonstrated, quality/quantity of work, demonstrated initiative, responsibility, work relations, and communication. • The team/company selected will be governed by and subject to Tearfund’s General Terms and Conditions for service deliveries.

G. Evaluation criteria
The Technical Proposal should include but not limited to the following: • Individual or entity Profile highlighting their contact details, qualifications and experience in implementing the assignment, please include details of specific experience with similar research in the past five years. • Detailed Methodology/approach to the research, demonstrating how you meet or exceed Tearfund requirements for this assignment. • Bidders are requested to back up their submissions by providing evidence in the form of certificate references, service completion certificate, service contract etc. • Details of the Proposed Team for the assignment including their basic information and qualifications. • Quality assurance mechanism and risk mitigation measures put in place. • Price proposal – Provide a detailed budget with a clear breakdown of cost.

H. Submission of proposal/Clarification
Interested qualified individuals or entities are requested to submit their proposal and all the required documents listed above and signed by an authorized representative of the Research Company or individual.

Submissions should be addressed to
The Evaluation Committee-Tearfund Nigeria

All documents required by this RFP must be received in the dedicated email NOT LATER THAN 1800 Hrs (West Africa Time) on Tuesday, March, 2024.

Tearfund reserves the right to vary any part of this RFP at the time of award if it becomes necessary.

Tearfund is Value Added Tax (VAT) exempted, but charges Withholding Tax (WTH) in compliance with Relevant National Tax Laws.

Teerfund designee will answer any questions up to 18:00 hrs on Friday 23rd February, 2024 in relation to this RFP; hence any request for clarification should be addressed to the Logistics via Nigeria Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to receiving your Proposal.    


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