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Deadline :08-Aug-21 @ 11:59 AM (New York time)
Posted on :27-Jul-21 @ 10:01 AM (New York time)
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Overview :Nigeria faces multiple crises, with a protracted conflict in its North East region, which has spread to neighboring countries and intercommunal clashes in other regions of the country. The effects of the conflict in the North East, together with climate change and desertification has made grazing of livestock difficult and has driven herders to migrate south. This has given rise to the prevalence of violent clashes, most notably in the Middle Belt region. With these crises, Nigeria today is amongst the countries with the highest overall projected conflict risk index and increased risk in socio-economic vulnerability, inequality, and food insecurity. In the Middle Belt, the farmer-herder conflict has become increasingly devastating and progressively violent, especially in Benue, Nasarawa and Taraba States. Over four years from 2016 to 2019, a total of 602 violent conflict incidents have been recorded in the three states with 2,789 fatalities and unquantified destruction of property contributing to the growing insecurity. In Benue state, there are 483,692 IDPs as a result of violent conflicts as of June 2020. II. INTRODUCTION Given the growing vulnerability to crises and the deterioriating humanitarian conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic as elaborated in theSituation Analysis, the social stability of the communities should be supported urgently. As livelihoods and living standards in the conflict-affected communities have deteriorated, dissatisfaction among the people has increased, and groups of violent extremists have been alleged to have taken advantage of the pandemic to recruit more people to join their forces. If left unabated, this will continue to heighten the risk to conflict and in turn, exacerbate the humanitarian situation. To support social stability and recovery of the communities in the North East and the Middle Belt, UNDP has implemented projects, creating many successful cases, in cooperation with development partners including the Government of Japan, Human Security Trust Fund (HSTF), and the UN Peacebuilding Fund among others. Through these collaborations, UNDP has demonstrated the effectiveness of its integrated support to conflict affected communities. With the effects of the pandemic becoming increasingly visible, it becomes more pertinent to accelerate the delivery of effective integrated socio-economic support. Conflict, particularly in northern Nigeria, is fast becoming the predominant destabilizing factor and obstacle to development. Conflict and insecurity have the potential to undermine development efforts undo any gains made by the country. As grievances among citizens increase, conflicts become more complex and demand for context-specific responses increases, – there is need to re-think both the strateg
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